Nica Stevens was born in 1976 and lives with her family in Germany. Even as a child, she spent her days lost in thought, dreaming up fantasy worlds. She never thought her imagination would one day pay the bills.
Books have been her constant companions as long as she can remember. And suddenly – the idea to write a book of her own was born. Looking back, Nica can't say what it was that prompted her to write. Perhaps it was simply meant to be.

Her debut novel Kindred Spirits – A Love Between Immortality and Death was not originally written for publication. Nica wrote it simply for the sake of writing, crafting the words of her heart directly onto paper without ever having taken a writing course. The persistence of her friends finally convinced her to publish her novel.
And so the story began...

Nica was blown away to see her book take the first place on the Kindle Fantasy Bestseller list in just two weeks. Kindred Spirits was so successful that the requests for a sequel became more and more fervent. Thanks to the great interest in her books and unrelenting enthusiasm of her readers, the story expanded into a trilogy, with romance and adventure captivating all fantasy lovers.

In an interview, Nica shared her favourite quote from Ludwig Feuerbach:
"We interact with books the same way we interact with people.
We make many acquaintances, but call only a select few our friends."

"I hope that young adult and fantasy readers love my books, even if they spend some time at the back of the bookshelf for a few years until they are brought out to be read once again. I strive to write books that readers can call their cherished friends. I know that I cannot please every reader, but for each person who feels an affinity with my novels – you are the reason that I write."