Reader Reviews:

You don't read this books;
you live them.

A new world, refreshing ideas and strong characters make it an enticing read.
(Lines Bücherwelt)

Addictive from the first to the very last page. This is how books ought to be written.

Samantha and Jake's story is both touching and unforgettable. It begs to be read over and over.

The combination of a fast-paced plot, breathtaking scenes and passionate moments make this series unique.

Hope and despair, anger and sorrow, luck and misfortune, love and hate: there's nothing this book doesn't offer! I was so impressed by these books that I'll be reading them again and again.

Press Reviews:

Based on its rating and number of reviews on Kindle, this trilogy rightly belongs to the most successful self-published book series in the German language.

Nica Stevens can hardly fathom the success of her novel Verwandte Seelen (Kindred Spirits). Her readers have formed an active internet community, creating their own fanpages and making trailers of her novels. Everyone is awaiting the series' sequel.

Nica Stevens is at the top of the Amazon eBook charts, a rising star on the fantasy horizon.

Finally! The book the fans have been hungering after!

"Entangeled Spirits"

Seventeen year old Jenna is the daughter of an esteemed clan chief and she calls the Eternal Forrest home. Her idyllic world shatters when her father does not return from a journey and her twin brother Jared sets out to search for him. She follows him to Darkona, where the tribe is suffering under a gruesome chief.

Only a group of escaped delinquents dares to make a stand. Their young leader Drystan is dauntless and dangerous, though fascinatingly captures Jenna’s imagination. To survive away from home, she joins him and his companions.

Is Drystan really trustworthy? He is surrounded by a dark secret, that might seal her fate. And she doesn’t even guess how deeply entangled she’s into his fates already.

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Even though Tara and Jay are living in the same city they are from different worlds. She is the daugther of Boston’ s mayor, he is a member of the infamous Road Kings biker gang. From an early age on they were told to stand aloof.

When their paths cross during college Tara feels an attraction she can not resist. She wants to get to know Jay, be close to him. But when she learns what had transpired between the two families in the past she starts to understand why Jay keeps her at a distance – and why her father would never allow the contact between them.

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